The Quiet Confidence Community is made of an inspirational bunch of people. We are a tribe of like-minded who at some point identified as shy, reserved or have suffered from social anxiety.


We come together for one simple purpose, to help and support each other to move towards developing our own inner Quiet Confidence. You’re invited to join us.

Quiet Confidence Core Values

1) Curiosity – we are excellent listeners and naturally curious; not only about understanding ourselves but also each other.  Our curiosity comes without judgment. We respect each other, including our unique cultural and religious beliefs and backgrounds. It is our curiosity that enables us to uncover our unique strengths.
2) Creativity – we pride ourselves on our creative pursuits and endeavours. We encourage each other to find our unique creativity from within.
3) Connectivity – we value feeling connected to a community that encourages and supports us to embrace our inner Quiet Confidence. We speak and connect from the heart.