Hi, I’m Joel!

My mission to empower and inspire people just like you to take the step out of the ordinary and discover what it really means to live life to the fullest. 

I have a question for you. What would your life be like if you were no longer limited by that voice inside your head that:

  • that silences you every time you  needed to say something important;
  • tells you that you aren’t good enough;
  • prevents you from living the life that you deserve to live.

Breaking free of this negative voice in my head changed my life. All throughout my childhood, I was plagued by thoughts of inadequacy. I gave myself so much grief because I felt awkward, shy and lacking confidence in myself.

All I wanted was to discover what ‘normal’ was. Little did I know that ‘normal’ was far from what I really wanted in my life. My greatest awakening was learning to love thyself, and to take control of that inner voice that frankly didn’t have my best interests at heart!

Introducing the Quiet Confidence Community.

Today, I’m blessed to have the opportunity to coach others to break free from their own destructive self-talk and step forward into a life that they deserve.  My bespoke coaching program, group coaching platform, book (soon to be published) all contribute to the Quiet Confidence community; a community that might not be loud, but as they say, action talks louder than words!


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Professional Bio

Joel Annesley - Professional BioJoel Annesley is the author of soon to be published ‘Quiet Confidence’ book and the founder of the Quiet Confidence community. He is a qualified Life Coach through Estrada College. Joel is also a facilitator for guided meditations, having inspired thousands through his Youtube videos and audios on the InsightTimer meditation application. His written work has been reproduced internationally by Oxford University Press, South Africa. For media and interview enquiries, please email contact(at)joelannesley.com.


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